Rhyan Rhyan: Merging Art with Fashion.

Inspired by today’s youth culture, loud and colourful clothing is the uniform for the free-spirited soul in our generation. There is nothing louder and more colourful than RhyanRhyan’s designs.

Rhyanrhyan aged 19, is an illustrator & designer from South East London. Designing and creating artwork for him is a therapeutic way of making sense of the imaginative world inside of his head. His art is heavily inspired by youth and urban culture. As well as being influenced by artists like Jeremyville and Basquit. Living his life in colour means, expressively making art that represents positivity, self-empowerment & individuality. 


Fashion, as we all know, is indefinite, subjective and expressive. Our generation has the constant struggle of self-doubt and that battle of finding exactly who we are, but When we first saw RhyanRhyan’s tees and photos – it seems like he knows exactly who he is!

His designs, much like the spirit of fashion, is very subjective in the sense that his illustrations speak volumes with so many young people. His aesthetic is current, bold, creative and artistic. The illustrations have such a nostalgic feel to them; the colouring pen textures, the bold prime colours – basically a 90s and childhood extravaganza of which we love!

Rhyanrhyan’s art also includes his imaginative and free-spirited clothing brand that merges the worlds of fashion and art together. Resulting in his recent collection “Re-Edition” of limited edition bespoke garments, with unique abnormal hand-illustrated graphics – drawn by himself. His initial goal is to create art for the ordinary and extraordinary youth.  

We love his designs and we know you will love them too:

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You can check him out on his Instagram @rhyanrhyanart


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