Postcard: Greetings from Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a popular destination for sea and ski holidays – or at least that’s what Google shows… But the country has also other charming places yet to be discovered. These are the numerous religious monuments which look like beautiful renaissance paintings, villages and so much diverse eclectic culture. This is exactly what this vlog shows!

Our very own Lewis Thompson & Benoit Ganesan went to Bulgaria with a mission of capturing their time there (and its safe to say We are very jealous – we are sure you will also be jealous) while working on a documentary called Desert Rose produced and directed by Alexander Georgieff. The documentary focuses on the life of the Romani people in Bulgaria and their day-to-day life. 

We all know its pretentious when someone speaks about travelling and they say “I wanna see the real place, not the touristy shit.” – right?

Well, that is true to an extent! Filmed over their travels through 3 different cities in Bulgaria, you truly get to enjoy the Bulgarian experience through Lewis and Benoit’s lenses.

Video credits:
Lewis Thompson (@grumpylewis)
Benoit Ganesan (@benoit_ganesan)


Photos by
Lewis Thompson (@grumpylewis)

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