AHS: Could It Be Satan? – the witches are back in this week’s episode of Apocalypse

This week’s American Horror Story illustrated an ironic hierarchy where women were dominant over men and all the men did was ‘bitch’ and ‘whine’ about their predicament. Heaps of misguided sorcery and malevolence is packed into the hour so let’s kick this week’s recap off.

With their ‘sisters’ successfully reanimated, Myrtle quips that they have been released from an identity spell; something that has hidden their supernatural abilities from them. We discover that both Coco and Mallory were students at the magic school for gothic girls (Miss Robichaux’s). Cordelia then explains that it is up to them to fight back the darkness that has infected the world, namely Langdon. Right on cue, the blonde bombshell appears alongside robot henchwoman Miriam Meade. A young Langdon had not been raised by Constance as we had all thought, but by the human Meade, who had a fascination for the occult. After the most hubristic boasting from Langdon about how the witches don’t stand a chance, the credits begin to roll.

“I am the fucking supreme”

This episode treated us mere mortals to some context behind the supernatural community of America – specifically why there was an absence of male presence in the Coven season. Outpost Three used to be the home of another Hogwarts, which again just seemed to be a lot of men moaning about why they are not as powerful as women. After seeing such magical feats being performed by the women in Coven we are less than enthused to see a gaggle of warlocks reform a broken crystal ball. Their teachers, although not as powerful as their female counterparts, are just as glamorous. Billy Porter, Cheyenne Jackson and B.D. Wong obviously have pictures of Cordelia and Fiona Goode on their wall as fashion inspiration. After minutes of bitching, the men speak of a prophecy where an “alpha” will rise to take the supremacy from the witches, therefore ushering in the reign of men. Ryan Murphy has done an outstanding job this episode of switching typical gender stereotypes, depicting men as the weaker species.

The Hogwarts rejects have discovered a video of a young Langdon going full Mortal Kombat on a detective during questioning (exploding head and everything). After being broken out of jail, a baby-faced Langdon is whisked away without a snowy owl or flourishing robe in sight.

A month later he is facing his own trials, like the Seven Wonders tackled back in season three. Everything is calm and delightfully eerie until his weather manipulations become a little too cold for the instructors’ liking. Cheyenne Jackson exclaims once again that his powers hold a wickedness and yet the rest of the warlocks choose to ignore him. (Side note: Cheyenne Jackson does not age!) They summon the council to their compound. Cue the fashionable walk set to music. Myrtle was dead at the end of Coven, with Queenie taking her spot on the council so it will be interesting to see how Myrtle was resurrected.

The trio of witches denies the warlocks’ request for the Seven Wonders as men cannot come close to the power the females channel. Cordelia must have read a medical journal or two as she describes how ‘testosterone is a known inhibitor’. Of course, this sparks outrage and she is called a bigot. The warlocks remind Cordelia of her greatest mistakes, most importantly leaving Queenie in the Hotel Cortez. We were expecting crossovers this season but a little nod back to season five was unexpected.

Eager to prove his capabilities, Langdon travels to the hotel Cortez and breaks Queenie out with relative ease, all while his face is plastered with a smug smirk. Down in hell, we visit Madison Montgomery who seems to be trapped as are a retail assistant (we’ve all been there). Langdon promises to rescue her to “prove a point” and even denies one of Madison’s famous blowjobs she is always talking about.

As Cordelia and her witches leave the warlocks wallowing in self-loathing, we cut to a close shot of familiar lips smoking. Madison, Queenie and their new Alpha, Langdon, approach the school all dressed in the usual black. Before managing to greet her risen sisters Cordelia faints. She must have a low blood sugar level…

Quote Of The Episode:

“I am the fucking supreme” is without a doubt the ultimate show of power. It was nice to see the timid Cordelia from season three completely vanish.


“I haven’t had a good dicking in a while,” Madison tells Langdon before he saves her. She has always been TV’s greatest nympho, but offering the antichrist sexual favours is a new one even for her.

The Character Of The Episode:

Billy Porter was outstanding in Ryan Murphy’s new show Pose, and that talent has transferred nicely to AHS. He was his usual camp and overly expressive self, adding a little glitter into the blackness of the warlock school.

If They Were The Last Person On Earth:

Cheyenne Jackson does not age between seasons; in fact, I believe he is getting younger. His skin was like alabaster in this episode, and damn did that light bounce perfectly off it. We have seen behind the scenes pictures of him and Cordelia, so here’s to hoping for some on-screen romance.


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