Weekly Roundup – Push for electric cars and Huddersfield conviction

No new petrol/diesel cars by 2040


The government is aiming to ban the use of petrol and diesel cars by 2040. A new plan has been put in place for all new cars in the UK to be “effectively zero emission”, under plans to tackle air pollution.

After a report by a parliamentary committee describing these plans as “vague and unambitious”, the ban may move forward to 2032.

The government’s 2040 target only applies to cars and vans. Hybrid vehicles, which have a motor combining both petrol and electric, will not be included in the sales ban.

The need for the use of electric cars has largely come from the growing concerns about the impact of global warming. Following this, poor air quality is the “biggest environmental risk to public health in the UK”, being linked to about 40,000 premature deaths a year.

Presently, electric cars only account for 1% of new sales, which means a massive change is needed to reach the 2040 goal.

Grooming gang convicted in Huddersfield

Twenty men have been found guilty of being part of grooming gang in Huddersfield that raped and abused 15 girls as young as 11 between 2004 and 2011.

The men, aged from 27 to 54, have been found guilty of child sex offences including rape, inciting child prostitution and abduction of a child. They’ve been convicted after three trials as part of Operation Tendersea.

Amere Singh Dhaliwal, 35, was jailed for life earlier this year and was told he must serve a minimum of 18 years. Judge Geoffrey Marson QC told the ringleader of the group “Your treatment of these girls was inhumane.” He was convicted of 54 separate charges, including 22 rapes involving 11 different girls.

“You treated them as commodities to be passed around for your own sexual gratification and the gratification of others.”

A judge described the abuse as ‘top of the scale’.

EU Leaders enraged at longer transition period for Brexit


Theresa May’s offer to extend the transition period following Brexit has annoyed “both Remain and Leave Tory MPs”. It’s said that Brexiteers are “furious at the suggestion of longer transition period.”

Some ministers told the Daily Telegraph that they had not formally agreed to the plan and diplomats say that the extension of the transition period is a “call for help” from Theresa May. However, it seems to have isolated her from other Tory MPs rather than gained their support.
DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds said the extended transition period, which Mrs May proposes, means the UK “continues to ‘pay but have no say’ in Brussels.”

After her performance in Brussels at the EU two-day summit, a no-deal Brexit looms. EU leaders are prepared to back the prime minister again in building a “coalition of the reasonable” in Parliament to avoid this.

Royal baby expected in spring 2019

The baby is due in Spring 2019.
The baby is due in Spring 2019.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry expect their baby in Spring of next year.

They announced Meghan’s pregnancy after a 12-week scan, when they arrived in Sydney on Monday, prior to their 16-day tour of New Zealand and Australia.

Their baby will be the first cousin of Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, but will not be a prince or princess themselves, instead, Lord or Lady. This is because Prince Harry himself is not “in direct line of succession”, says Royal biographer Robert Hardman.

Prime Minister Theresa May congratulated the couple, saying: “My warmest congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the happy news they are expecting a baby in the spring. Wishing them all the best.”

Garage stabbing in Cheltenham

Texaco Cheltenham

Gloucestershire Police was called to Texaco garage on Lansdown Road in the early hours of Thursday morning.

A male member of staff was stabbed during an attempted robbery at the garage.

He was found with a stab wound and is in a stable condition, being treated at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.
One regular customer said she drove past the scene on the morning of the incident.

She said: “There were two or three police officers huddled round the back of the newspaper stand. Around three members staff were there too.”

The story of the violent attack has been widely shared on social media.


  • Wimbledon introducing final set tie-breaks to be introduced in 2019 to avoid games lasting for hours.
  • Breast enlargement advert, shown during the breaks of Love Island, has been banned from TV.
  • A black panther spotted in Scotland, local residents are warned.
  • Briton facing jail for graffiti-ing ‘Scouser Lee’ on a historic landmark in Thailand.
  • Boy with Down syndrome hugs Prince Harry and strokes his beard



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