This is Going to Hurt- Adam Kay

(Credit: Amazon)

This non-fiction beauty follows the life of Adam Kay and his rollercoaster journey since graduating from medical school in 2004 to becoming a Senior Registrar in 2010. Kay retells his experiences of working for the NHS through a collection of diary entries, containing the good, the bad and the downright gory! Stand out stories include the time Kay was promoted “Not since the day I qualified had I felt so optimistic – I was practically shitting confetti”. 

To the time he expressed his views on home births, “Instead I gave the abbreviated version: Home delivery is for pizzas”. Among the many (MANY) laughs this book prescribes, there’s also an honest and raw depiction of what it’s like working for the NHS. Summed up perfectly by Stephen Fry as “painfully funny”, the combination of hilarious medical hiccups, heart-wrenching patient stories and the demands of being a doctor turn this book into a world which you won’t want to escape.


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