The Best of Instagram’s Halloween Make-Up Tutorials

2019 has become the year of Instagram make-up artists. It seems that everyone who is anyone can post an extravagant tutorial of their flawless make-up routines online and have thousands of responses. Now that the seasons have changed and pumpkin spiced lattes are airborne; in depth tutorials of pixies, scary pumpkins and obviously, the Joker is at hand for all to practice, until the skill, or skull, is mastered. 

Here are just a few of the best accounts that are giving us the ultimate Halloween feels on Instagram. 

Marion Moretti (marioncameleon)


A French make up artist and YouTuber, based in Paris. She has one of the most vivid and spicy Instagram accounts. Her Halloween tutorials are for those with immense patience and a desire to look like the scariest, bad b*itch out there. 

Erika (rei.lilith) 


A content creator who is followed by the likes of Beauty Bay and Krystal Sutherland, (krystalclearmakeup). She has the ability to fuse magical neons together to create stunning looks. For those of you who wish to be more inventive, Erika works with wax to create a more 3D halloween visual on your face, without becoming terrifying to others. 

Emily De Melo (emilydemelo) 


Based in London, Emily shares a lot of video content for your everyday make-up, first impressions, swatches etc. However, her Sabrina Halloween make-up look is inspirational. Going through step by step, you can achieve the flawless make-up of the teenage witch. It might be basic but not everyone has to be Harlequin for Halloween. 

Trevor Barrett (trevor.j.barret) 


Trevor describes himself as an artist and it’s obvious why. His Instagram account shows him to be fluent with the language of make up; he is capable of creating looks of terrifying magnitude to the most imaginative use of colour. For those of you going all out for one night of terror, take a look at his videos and take inspiration! 

Nancy (nancydreamin) 

Not looking to cover your entire body in fake blood? Nancy will show you how to become THE ethereal creature. Bright colours and sparkles are definitely one way forward this Halloween, so make sure to buy yourself some pointed ears and strut your magical ass on the dance floor. 


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