Nissy Tee: Go out and get Gangsta!

This week, Farid was invited to cover an extremely exciting event hosted by the Afro-Caribbean society, a motivational talk by Nissy Tee. Graduating from Cambridge University in 2017, Nissy is currently smashing her career as a content creator, digital strategist and speaker. Nissy also has a following of over 130,000 people across various platforms as well as a successful YouTube channel with 55k followers where she strives to provide a space for positivity, encouragement and motivation.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Nissy before her talk and ask her a few questions that we’re all dying to know!

(Photographed by: Millie Muxworthy)
So Nissy, through your speaking and online content, you’ve become very inspirational to a lot of people. But we want to know, who inspires you?

“Oh my gosh, so many people. I think this is going to sound so cliché but Oprah, Queen Oprah Winfrey. Just because of her story and everything she’s been through, and being this incredible boss woman, she’s flipping amazing. Also, a guy called Eric Thomas, he’s that person that screams at you through the screen, you could be thinking about taking the day off and he’ll make you feel like ‘no I’ve got to get on now and do my thing’. They’re probably my two biggest inspirations.”

What made you go into your field of work? Where did the idea come from?

“You know, it wasn’t even part of the plan. Originally the plan was to become a presenter and become rich, I had no thoughts about motivating and mentoring people. I just came up against a lot of brick walls. As I was applying for jobs in the presenting world, things just weren’t going the way I thought and I wasn’t being picked up for stuff. I kept getting rejection after rejection and I got to a point where I thought I could just sit there and wait for someone to give me an opportunity or, as a lot of people were saying to me, ‘you have to create your own opportunities’. That’s when I started my own YouTube channel and building my own platform online and it just went from there. I love ‘speaking life into people’ and speaking to bring up people’s spirits, it just progressed and got bigger and bigger after that.”

But I also feel like no, with the UK especially, all the major spaces and even the people in power are all ‘male and pale’

As a black woman do you think that racial politics in the UK is changing at all?

“Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that I feel like things are slowly shifting in a better direction. Black women are taking up spaces and being unapologetically themselves. Whether it’s starting our own businesses or starting and pushing campaigns, now it’s become more open to society and society is accepting it more.

But I also feel like no, with the UK especially, all the major spaces and even the people in power are all ‘male and pale’. Sadly, I feel like we’re moving slowly, but could be doing things a lot quicker for black women to take up places of higher position. I feel like we’ve been screaming to be seen for a very long time and there could be so much more done to open up the doors for black women.

Even when I was at Cambridge black students made up only 1% of the population, and since then it has gone up to 3%. People say it’s the Stormzy effect and thanks to his scholarship, but that’s still so little. Being in spaces like that where the elite are meant to be, it really did open my eyes that there’s so much more that still needs to be done. Even when I go to industry events it’s so common to be the only black person or only woman of colour in the room and it makes it really obvious that there’s still a gap there to educate people, that these spaces can be taken up by black people or anyone within a marginalised group. We need more diversity and inclusion to make sure we function in the way that we should.”

(Photographer: Millie Muxworthy)
Do you think having a variety of platforms can help you promote success for other black women?

“It depends what type of brand you’re trying to build, but I’m on a mission for world domination. Every angle I want people to know who Nissy Tee is, and for me it was really important to be present on as many platforms as possible. To show others, especially younger black girls and younger black women, that if I can do it, this black girl from east London whose parents came to the UK with nothing, I guarantee you can do it as well.”

“I’m on a mission for world domination. Every angle I want people to know who Nissy Tee is”

What is the highlight of your careers so far?

“Quite a few things have happened that’ve been amazing, but one thing that hasn’t happened just yet, next week I going over to America to speak at a conference. So, it’ll be my first time going to the states, which is exciting as its always been a dream of mine, and then being invited to go and speak is just amazing.”

Is there anything that you’re watching or listening to at the moment that you think everyone else needs to check out?

“First of all, everyone needs to listen to Rick Ross’ new album, Port of Miami. That album is banging! Me and my boyfriend are obsessed with Rick Ross, we just love him. I don’t really watch much UK TV other than Love island. Even though I said I wasn’t going to get involved, it roped me in. Other than that, I watch shows like Power, which is really good and another show called Ambitions, which is under Oprah’s production company. They’re mainly American shows not UK shows.”

(Nissy and the ACS committee. Photographed by Millie Muxworthy)
And the last question is quite a big one, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Oh lord, you know what I do actually think about this though, it’s crazy. There’s so much importance in having a plan and writing things down, it’s important to set things down on paper and see what you’re working towards so there’s clarity.

For me, in 5 years I see myself married with at least two kids because I want to have five. In terms of my career, definitely a world-known presenter on whatever is the best program at the time, maybe one that I’ve created myself. I’ve got loads of idea’s but it needs to be something really revolutionary. I think it’s time for the UK to have a talk show or a daytime show that focusses on women of colour, we are so behind, something like that but on a national scale. I want to just be traveling the world doing talks and giving master classes, also hopefully a millionaire by then as well!”

After our interview with Nissy she gave an hour long talk to members of the ACS society and the public who came along to listen to her enthusiastic outlook on life. We did activities and everyone shared stories. It was an extremely inspirational and motivating experience that highlighted so many opportunities to achieve progress within ourselves and as a society.

To find more information about Nissy, and to explore her platforms more, her Instagram is @nissytee, Youtube: Nissy Tee and she has her own website at Also thanks again to the ACS for inviting Team Farid to cover such an exciting and inspiring event.



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