Revolting Prostitutes- The Fight for Sex Workers’ Rights By Juno Mac & Molly Smith

(Credit: Amazon)

Sex work has long been a problematic industry to discuss within feminism and wider societal conversations, because of its dark history and complicated viewpoints. Where some would argue its empowerment, others proclaim how sex work infringes on women’s basic rights. What Mac & Smith provide is a detailed and well researched history without an innate bias framing its narrative. This book will surely educate any would-be feminists and arm them with real statistics regarding what sex workers experience in their day to day lives.

Other books on the topic talk about the subject with an almost inhuman view, blurting out facts and figures without its first-hand accounts. Revolting prostitutes’ does the complete opposite, frequently reminding the reader that these are the lives of often struggling, vulnerable women and not objects to be objectified or disparaged. 


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