Frank & Doll

FARID X FRANK & DOLL LOOKBOOK: The latest winter fashion from Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire is known for the beautiful countryside views and crisp winter walks, but now that’s about to change. New kids […]

Artwork by Julian Gower

Q&A with an Artist: Julian Gower

In a series of virtual Q&As – we speak to creatives who define their own meaning of Contemporary Art.

We kick off with Julian Gower: a graphic designer and illustrator born and raised in, the epicentre of artistic liberality, Brighton. A 20-year old who channels his day-to-day life into beautiful and thought-provoking illustrations.

Rhyan Rhyan: Merging Art with Fashion.

Inspired by today’s youth culture, loud and colourful clothing is the uniform for the free-spirited soul in our generation. There […]

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